How we will assist You!
Education and Training
  • Staff trainingWe will train your staff regarding the COID Act on compliance, procedures, and benefits covered by this act. This will ensure that all role players in your organisation are aware of what is expected of them..
  • Injury on Duty / COID policy and design of pamphletsWe will design and create pamphlets that provide information on the injury on duty processes and procedures for distribution among your staff.
  • Insurance (In development)The Compensation Fund refunds only 75% to employers and employees of the salary paid up to a maximum threshold. Employers lose a lot of money in this process, but additional insurance can cover the shortfall. We can provide the necessary guidance when applying for this additional cover.
Employer injury on duty claims management
  • Reporting Injury on duty claimsThe first step is to report the injury on duty within 7 days of the accident to prevent any penalties and all the completed forms and questionnaires should be audited and submitted in time.
  • Acceptance of claims
    The injury on duty claim must be accepted in terms of the COID Act for the payment of compensation as well as reasonable medical expenses.
  • Recovering payments for salaries paid
    We will submit the claim for compensation for salaries paid to staff when they were off duty due to the injury and will follow-up until the employer received the refund.
  • Reconciliation of all payments
    We will reconcile all payments made by the Compensation Fund for the salaries paid to injured workers to ensure you received the correct payment.
  • We at Work Accident Support will provide priority customer support to assist in all of the above steps. This includes reopening of claims and when compensation is payable to injured staff, etc. so companies do not need to spend much time on the phone trying to communicate with the Fund.
Employer Account Management
  • Company Registration
    Companies must be registered within 7 days of appointing their 1st employee and we help you to register your company to be compliant with the COID Act and to prevent any penalties from being issued for late registration. Employees also include seasonal workers.
  • Annual Return of Earnings
    You will be advised on how to accurately complete the Return of Earnings and we will audit and submit it timely to prevent penalties being for issued for the late submission.
  • Letter of Good Standing
    Once your account is settled, we will obtain the Letter of Good Standing to prove your account is up to date and this can be used when applying for tenders.
  • Audit
    The Fund has the authority to request any relevant information and documents to make sure the correct financial information was provided. For that matter, they can audit any employer. We will advise what documents to obtain and we hand-deliver them to the Fund.
  • Payment Arrangements
    With a declining economy, it can be difficult for companies to pay their full assessment amount and we can make payment arrangements on your behalf with the Fund to ensure that you have a steady cash flow.
  • De-registration
    If you no longer operate as a company you have no obligation to be registered with the Compensation Fund and pay an assessment, and we will apply for the de-registration of your company.

We will help your business to be compliant and ensure all benefits are paid to the company in terms of the COID Act!.